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Game Changer

OS1 Enterprise is always here to help you. We are here to take you entire business within the cloud. We know that establishing a reliable and robust financial system is not a simple task. Whether you are an established business or a startup one, adopting smart cloud tools can help you save yourself a lot of cash and headache.

Streamlining to Success

Our team of expert advisors will apply practical insights to your situation and goals, then provide jargon-free recommendations to simplify your operations and reduce excessive spending. Improving the financial health of your company will help you to future-proof your assets; from cash flow to investment management. Adding this critical financial analysis and integrated strategies will build a strong foundation to grow your business.


Healthy Home, Healthy Life

OS1 Habitat cleaning is your getaway to fun. We are a Professional House and Office cleaning services company.

Take A Break. You deserve better.

You toil everyday to provide a better lifestyle for your family, but what use it is if you don’t get to spend quality time with them. Don’t waste your precious time doing something WE easily can. Do something we can’t – spend QUALITY time with YOUR family.

We pride ourselves in our positive working attitude. We do not just aspire to clean but to deliver a healthy environment in which your family can grow and nourish. We ourselves are a family of honest, trust-worthy and hard working members. OS1 Habitat provides professional cleaning services for your office or your house. We also undertake cleaning services for your after party events.

Welcome to tension free days.


OS1 Habitat